After more than 4 years in the making, Lafayette's Unified Development Code was adopted tonight as part of the PlanLafayette Initiative by the Lafayette City-Parish Council.

The council voted to adopt the Unified Development Code (UDC) that will, according to its drafters, standardize, streamline and coordinate land use and environmental issues and also outline new zoning districts within the city.

"This is a process that began in 2012," Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Bruce Conque told KPEL at the March 16th commission meeting. "In June of last year, this commission formally approved PlanLafayette. Now, the implementation of a Unified Development Code continues that protocol that is needed to bring Lafayette forward into the future."

The vote on the issue was met by opposition, not entirely because of the UDC's intended results, but because of the document's complicated nature. Councilman Andy Naquin, along with several members of the audience, suggested that the vote be tabled to allow more time for the public to review the document. Measures to defer voting on the UDC's adoption for both 30 and 60 days failed.

Lafayette's Chief Development Officer Carlee Alm-LaBar told the council the public had since January to review the document that was provided online and had ample opportunities to be involved in the drafting process.

LaBar told the council the UDC will go into effect 210 days after City-Parish President Joey Durel signs the measure.