The budget process.

It’s when Lafayette City-Parish Council members conduct multiple meetings throughout the month of August in efforts to make sure departments are properly funded for the upcoming fiscal year, which starts on November 1.

The budget review schedule began on Tuesday of last week as LCG members work towards the September 8 final adoption date.

On the Council this year, there are three new members – District 3 Council Member Patrick Lewis, District 7 Council Member Nanette Cook and District 8 Council Member Liz W. Hebert.

On this edition of “Lafayette Live,” Councilwoman Hebert takes you inside the budget process – from the eyes of a “newbie.”

“It’s not my idea of a good time,” says Hebert when talking about all of the meetings. “But I do want to get people more engaged, not maybe to the point of going and sitting and listening to the whole budget process…(but) supporting their passion.”

Because many of these happen at 1 p.m. in the day, it’s hard for people to attend them. But, in praising other staff members who have been great at helping the “newbies” through the process, Hebert also mentions how you can have a voice and still be efficient with your time as well.

“The great thing that I learned about the budget is that it’s broken up into different departments,” points out Hebert. “You don’t have to wait for hours” until you get to the topic you care about most.

On the show, Hebert also touched on the Kaliste Saloom Road construction (in her district) and how people simply sharing their concerns with her about repaving it has led to important work getting done in that area.

Then, Hebert pointed out how there have been no general pay increases (except the mandatory ones for Fire).

“The government is certainly doing the same thing that we at the personal home level are doing, tightening our purse strings and reducing certain funding. We are certainly doing the same thing on the Council level.”

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 1 p.m. as the LUS rate increase will be discussed.