After a meeting of the Board of Directors of Community Coffee, some changes will be coming to the board and the management with the company.  President and Chief Operating Officer Matt Saurage was voted in as chairman of the board.  He will now handle that position.  The job of President and Chief Operating Officer  will now be filled by David Belanger.

Matt Saurage is taking the place of Norman Saurage.  Norman held the post as chairman for a little over two and 1/2 decades, and has with the company for six decades.  He will also serve as a board member.

There are also other changes coming at the management level as Annette Vaccaro will now accept a promotion to senior vice president.  Vaccaro also serves as the company's treasurer and chief financial officer.  The company has named Danny Hebert as their vice president of human resources, but had held the title of human resources director.