Yesterday President Obama spoke at a press conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he called for more gun control to prevent senseless gun violence like the Newtown, Connecticut massacre. Camara Clifton Political strategist with Clifton Network Partners joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today and said in her opinion,

President Obama will go down as the least competent President in history.  That's saying a lot because we've had some pretty terrible presidents.

According to Clifton,

He will also get credit for being the propagandist-in-chief and the campaigner-in-chief and he does that better than anybody has ever done before.  He never has a press conference without "people props"...he is not the least bit concerned with the Constitution.

On President Obama's gun control speech yesterday Clifton said,

This is a fight he needs to let go of.  It's a distraction from everything else.  The economy is in the tank, they're printing money like it's going out of style.

Clifton had some choice comments about the President's job creation and other things.  You can hear those comments here: