A bill seeking to crack down on individuals and business owners who fraudulently pose as veterans has been approved by La. Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Author of the legislation, Senator Robert Adley, proposed this bill after seeing these people or entities were doing this to get special benefits or privileges afforded to veterans.

“Our veterans have served on the frontlines in defense of our freedom, and they have earned certain benefits and services that are afforded to them in recognition of their service," says Gov. Jindal. "There is absolutely no reason—financial or otherwise—that any individual or entity should dishonor the sacrifices our brave service men and women have made. Those who do should and will be held accountable.”

Currently, the federal government, states and many private sector companies administer programs that give preference to doing business with veteran-owned businesses. This legislation will criminalize the impersonation of a veteran or disabled veteran-owned company as a misdemeanor. Gov. Jindal says this legislation will save valuable taxpayer dollars.

The bill passed both the Senate and the House unanimously.