Former LSU football head coach Les Miles is dipping his toes into the film industry, looking to take his distinctive character to the silver screen. Patrick Mulhearn a Senior Director at Louisiana Economic Development says the transition from pigskin to productions should be smooth for the Mad Hatter.

“I think that coach recognizes that reading a script and acting in a scene is a lot like running a play.”

Miles says he’s been enamored with films and TV since he was a child, and loves spending time on set. Mulhearn says being a team player will take him far in the business.

“I think he enjoys the camaraderie, the team effort of being on a set, so this may be a very good fit for him.”

Miles will appear in a film inspired by the 1986 Challenger explosion called Angry Men, which will be released in June. Mulhearn says he’s looking forward to coach’s portrayal of a NASA chief.

“People recognize him as an authority figure, so I think he could play a good cop. He’s going to be playing the head of NASA.”

Mulhearn notes that it’s further proof that anyone including former LSU coaches can stay in Louisiana and pursue their dreams in the film industry.