Les Miles spoke with Fox Sports TV host Colin Cowherd about his future in coaching football, and the possibility of joining the sportscasting world.

Miles has talked before about coaching football again. What he does know is he needs to do SOMETHING.

"The right opportunity, the right school, the right place? You betcha," he told Cowherd. "I don't play golf. I'm not a fisherman. I'm not chasing my kids around. I'm going to watch them in this time. My wife is already through with me around the house. I don't need to organize that; you don't need to organize this. Get out of the house. I'm very active in kind of seeing what the lay of the land is for my future."

Further in the interview Cowherd asks Miles straight up if he would do broadcasting. Without skipping a beat, Miles says, "Absolutely. I could see this being my gig. I could put my seat right beside yours, Colin."

He also holds no ill-will toward LSU saying that he's loyal, and is still a Tiger.

[NOLA via Fox Sports]