This week on "Wingin' It Wednesday", panelists Mike Stagg, Warren Caudle, and Carol Ross joined "Nathan and Bernie in the Morning" to discuss the idea of government taking property due to "public necessity" as well as Iranian sanctions.

Here's what the panel had to say:

1.  What constitutes a "public necessity" and should government be able to take your property?

Mike Stagg started us off:

This is a real can of worms here. In a supposedly conservative city we’ve done this a lot. This is somebody telling you they know better. They know better what to do with your property than you do. I think it’s a serious problem, and ironically the people behind it are supposedly small government conservatives.

Carol Ross posited:

There were more than one redevelopment bills that were put in, some that we killed. I got to talk to William Theriot about public necessity. It is a slippery slope. They have not gotten a legal opinion on the parameters of public necessity.

Warren Caudle started us off:

I don’t have a problem with the government going in and doing what they need to do. I have a problem with these quasi-government organizations coming in with public money doing what they want to do.

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2. A group of Senate Democrats have told the White House that they won't support passage of an Iran sanctions bill until at least the end of March. Your thoughts?

Carol started us off:

I think Obama’s totally feckless when it comes to Iran. This delay is not going to do one thing to further the diplomatic talks. Iran has been serial liars throughout this whole thing.

Warren concluded:

This is the second thing that I totally agree with President Obama on. I don’t believe in sanctions.
Those people were the best non-Arab friends we had for decades. We trained countless numbers of their pilots here. Iran has not gone outside of their borders to fight anybody for hundreds of years.

Mike started us off:

What actually prompted the Senate Democrats to pull their support for sanctions at this point was what I believe to be the treasonous actions of Speaker John Boehner to invite Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to congress about foreign policies. For John Boehner to try to substitute Israel’s foreign policy for our foreign policy is treason.
These negotiations have worked. Iran is not an aggressive country.

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