With less than 90 days until Festival International 2013, Marketing VP Tucker Sappington visited with 'Ken and Bernie' today to highlight events leading to Festival.  Sappington said,

Festival pins and the official Festival poster were unveiled at our Pin Premier.  We had a local artist, UL retired architecture professor, Fred Daspit design the Festival poster which was the inspiration for the Festival pin.

Sappington addressed the problem from past years where pins sold-out early.

They've become so popular at a cost of only $10 people buy early.  We've addressed the problem and stepped up production to provide more.

We asked Sappington if we could get a sneak peek at this year's line-up and he replied,

The official full line-up will be released on February 14th, kind of like our Valentine's gift to Festival goers worldwide.  Locally we have a new event called our "Stand-up Line-up" which is an official early line-up release next Thursday February 7th.  Tickets are only $15 and will include a commemorative tee shirt,pin bracelet,cup and free tickets for cocktails.  Tickets will be $15 in advance or $20 at the door.  Advance tickets are available at Marley's Sports Bar, Bolt, Jefferson Street Pub and the Festival International Office on Jefferson Street.

Listen to the interview: