Meeting Photo 2 (from Facebook)

This week there will be another series of public meetings to get thoughts about Lafayette's future through development of the Comprehensive Plan.  A consulting firm along with 38 community members and leaders are helping to guide public discussions hoping to shape Lafayette's future for the next twenty years.

During this second phase of public meetings, members of the community are asked to attend one of several meetings that will be held this week.  The meetings dates, times and locations are as follows:

  • Wednesday, 11/14 @ noon at the Acadiana Center For The Arts, 101 West Vermilion
  • Wednesday, 11/14 @ 6 p.m. at Acadian Middle School, 4201 Moss Street
  • Thursday, 11/15 @ noon at the South Regional Library, 6101 Johnston Street
  • Thursday, 11/15 @ 6 p.m. at East Bayou Baptist Church, 2234 Kaliste Saloom
  • Friday, 11/16 @ 2 p.m. at the Heymann Center, 1373 South College
  • Saturday, 11/17 @ 9 a.m. at the Holy Rosary Institute, 421-c Carmel Avenue

The two-year process will focus on what Lafayette needs to, according to the website, "create a thriving, attractive community: one that offers viable options to its residents regarding where and how they want to live, work, and play. For this reason, public input is essential to developing a successful plan."

Lafayette Consolidated Government has picked a consultant team, headed up by WRT, to put together the plan.