The Louisiana High School Athletic Association announces it has finalized a four-year agreement with the officials association, which means high school sporting events will go on as scheduled this fall.  LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine says this is an agreement that needed to be done and he's happy they were able to take the final step.
"With the vote of the executive committee of the LHSAA to move this forward and get the officials and kids on the fields and courts for the beginning of fall sports."
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

This agreement prevents a threatened work stoppage by Louisiana High School Officials Association referees.  Bonine says he is happy that a multi-year deal was struck.

"The long-term, four years, puts this in a position where we don't have to revisit this until '18-'19."
The LHSAA says the agreement results in raises for officials in seven sports, including football.  The deal still needs to be approved by state principals during their January meeting.  Bonine says the agreement also allows for the establishment of a sports officials sub-committee to discuss future negotiations for fee schedules and other items.
"Whether it be evaluation of officials, how officials are assigned, quality versus accessibility, so on and so forth."