Lafayette Parish School Superintendent Donald Aguillard has announced he has appointed Linda Nance as the principal for Acadian Middle School.

Aguillard has also chosen Virginia Rabalais to be the Acting Adult Education Academic Specialist.

Nance has plenty of experience, as she has been a teacher and coach for more than 20 years.  She has also served as an Assistant Principal for 10 years and as Principal for eight.

Aguillard says while Nance has discussed retiring, she has decided to stay in her post at Principal.

As far as Rabalais, she is in an acting capacity as the Acting Adult Education Academic Specialist as none of the six people who applied for the job is fully certified in Adult Education.

  • Rabalais has held many jobs in the Lafayette Parish School System including:
  • Elementary and special education teacher in the parish for eight years
  • Assistant Principal
  • Principal at Green T. Lindon Elementary School & Ernest Gallet Elementary School
  • Program Supervisor for Special Education
  • Math & Science Instructional Supervisor
  • Academic Officer