Okay, it's not football for everybody.  Just for the high testosterone male set that just can't get enough of...ahem...football.  Yeah, that's what I meant to say.  Lingerie Football has been sort of a counter culture answer to melding the world of professional football with that of women's wrestling (who can forget the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling?).  Not everyone was watching it, but those that were could be described as wanting to watch...their team, yeah that must be why they were watching.

Imagine the sadness around the country at the latest announcement from the league that the schedule was shifting and we would have a fall without scantily clad girls playing football.  Instead, they will take extra time to learn more about the sport and become better at the game.  In the meantime, the league is making efforts to expand globally and has plans on starting play in Austrailia.

I have no problem with the idea of Lingerie Football.  I say to each his or her own.  I also have to say that I have long pushed for a spring football league to balance out the calendar because let's face it, 16 games is just not enough for me to enjoy football.  That said, I am wondering if this will be as successful as they hope in the spring and summer.  Admittedly, the...ahem...uniform is more appropriate for Spring and Summer than it is for fall and winter, so at least you don't have to make any changes there.  I am also wondering if this is the kind of football that the purists will want.  Many of us enjoy the sport, but would find this more than a little distracting.  Still, if you have found yourself curling up in front of the weekly telecasts on MTV2, you might be a little disappointed.  Although, you might be able to conjure up some reruns of it online somewhere, particularly if you're willing to fork over five bucks for the official league version of games.

For me, I can only ask, as a football purist, if there is anything else I could watch.  Perhaps even an arena football team I can root for?