On Thursday night, the GOP delegates asked Mitt Romney to accept the Republican nomination as their candidate for President, and he did.  Folks are talking about his speech, but they have also spent time talking about the surprise guest at the convention, actor Clint Eastwood.

Word spread this week that the convention organizers had arranged for a special guest to speak at the convention, and that guest was Clint Eastwood.  As he was walking out to take the podium, the crowd roared with pleasure and anticipation.

Eastwood spent the majority of the time talking to an empty chair where he pretended that President Obama was sitting.  The first five to eight minutes were pretty rough for the actor in my opinion.  But once he gained momentum, he had the crowd.  He also had our listeners.


Most of the people who called into our show Friday, and those that voted in our Facebook poll, said that Eastwood did a good job.  He had several one liners pointed at President Obama, and he worked to point out flaws with the current job the President has been doing.

As Fox News put it:

a two-time Oscar-winning director jokingly said he -- like Oprah Winfrey and other Americans -- wept with joy when Obama was elected in 2008. He then turned serious, saying he wept harder at the realization 23 million people are unemployed in the United States.

He kept hitting home on the things he thought the President had been failing at.

I thought the speech was good.  Most of our listeners said the speech was great.  He spoke about the fact that he said many people in Hollywood are conservatives even though most people think most on the coast are liberal.  Eastwood had the crowd roaring, cheering, chanting "USA" and at the end of his speech they demanded that he say his signature movie line, "Go ahead.  Make my day!"

Whether you like Eastwood or not, whether you like his politics are not, he did give a good speech.  What impact will it have?  Will it put the Democratic convention in a defense mode?  No one will know until next week.  I only hope that people will listen to those speeches as well and vote for the candidate that they think will do the best for our country.