It's a safe bet that you're going to eat three square meals today, plus whatever snacks or indulgences you want. There are people in Acadiana who might go for days without a full meal or any food at all.

That's where the 'Free Little Pantry' concept comes in. The idea is simple: small cabinets are built in public areas like parks or common areas in neighborhoods and stocked with items like bottled water, bread, peanut butter, Ramen noodles, canned fruits and vegetables, and other food items. Those in need can take the items they want while retaining their dignity in the process.

The Little Free Pantry idea is the brainchild of Jessica McClard of Fayetteville, Arkansas, and has spread to other parts of the country in the two months its been around. A Christian organization in Ohio was inspired to create their own version, Blessing Boxes - which have begun to spread throughout communities there.

I think Acadiana is the perfect place for this idea to flourish. It only takes one person to get the ball rolling. Click here to find out more about building and stocking Little Free Pantries.