Tootie Landry tells you about a special hero that will be honored in the Little League World Series in this edition of "Not Necessarily The News".

"Hey! I’m Tootie Landry and this is what I found out today! How can you not get caught up in the excitement of the Little League World Serious?!? It’s the time of the year, when cheering for 12-year-old heroes warms your heart. So how does this tournament connect to a New York fireman named Mike Cammarata?

                Mike at 22-years-old was a rookie with the New York Fire Department. He had been employed for only 9 weeks with the department, when he rushed into the World Trade Center on September 11th. He was the youngest fireman killed.

                Just 10 years before, Mike played, in the 1991 Little League World Series.

                Today, only one number is retired from use in Williamsport, Pennsylvania... and it belongs to Mike!

                This year, before the U.S. Championship game is played, the Cammarata family will be throwing out the ceremonial 1st pitch.

                Mike’s willingness to sacrifice his own safety made him the example of all 3 words in the Little League motto.

                Character…. Courage…. and Loyalty. Let these exact lessons be the Grand Slam for all of us to live by.

                And I’m Tootie Landry and this is "Not Necessarily the News"!"