We're blessed with more than our fair share of fantastic bakeries here in Acadiana. Seriously, it's not like this other places. There is one local bakery that has just made it onto thrillist.com's "21 Best Bakeries In America". It's the only Louisiana bakery on the list, by the way.

That bakery is none other than Lafayette's coveted Poupart's Bakery on Pinhook. I guess when you have so many folks migrating here from France, you're bound to get some serious pastry chefs.

Poupart's was the first bakery I heard of when I moved here many years ago. I mean, like, within a couple of days of being here someone asked "Oh, you haven't been to Poupart's yet? You have to go!"

Here's what thrillist.com has to say -

In 1965, Monsieur Poupart left his pastry chef gig in Paris to settle in Louisiana with his wife. He quickly delighted locals with his fresh breads, quiches, and sweet treats. Fifty years later, his shop still brags about being the "only authentic French bakery in Acadiana." He's made one important concession to his new home state, though -- in addition to making traditional French king cakes every February, Poupart's also churns out a "Mardi Gras king cake" packaged with beads and the all-important fake baby.

I'll tell you this, it's also one of the only local Facebook pages where you'll see people commenting in French. That's got to count for something, right?