LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL) -- A local 12-year-old will get the movie role of a lifetime when she stars alongside Tyler Perry in the movie "A Madea Christmas."

Caroline Kennedy said she was so excited when she first heard she had landed the role that she was "screaming."

Her path to potential stardom was relatively easy, she said. She signed with a local agency who sent her to a talent expo, where she signed with another agent. A month later, she received a call for an audition for the Perry movie. A couple months more, she got the news the role was hers.

"I was just excited," Caroline said. "I wasn't nervous at all."

Of Perry, she said he was "talented and amazing" and has a respect for everyone. "I couldn't ask for anyone else [to help me get introduced to the business]."

Her family and friends have been excited for her as well, but she hasn't let the notoriety to get to her head.

"After I filmed and I got back to school, it was just back to reality," Caroline said. "[My friends] still treat me the same, and they're so excited, but they're always going to think of me as just one of their friends."

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