Cory Guidry, a Lafayette man, is in need of a stem cell transplant, and his family is raising money to help take care of his children while undergoing treatment.

Cory Tucker Guidry was diagnosed with Chronic Mylogenous Leukemia in July 2011 at the age of 37. He immediately began treatments here in Lafayette, but unfortunately his first round of treatments did not work. They then turned to another type of treatment when he was transferred to MD Anderson Cancer Center and thankfully it was doing what we all prayed it would do... it was working!! But sadly the medicine was taken off the market due to major heart risks. Doctors do not understand why his Leukemia is not in remission, therefore, he is now in need of a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT!!

The great news is that they have a donor that is an incredible match for Cory. They expect the stem cell transplant to take place in March or April of 2014.

Cory and his son, Asa (Luciana Justice Photography)

Cory's main concern is not his surgery, nor his recovery:  his main concern is his children.  He wants to make sure that his kids are taken care of while he is undergoing treatment, which could last for a full year.  That's why Cory's family is putting together a fundraiser, "Coming Together For Cory".  Set for May 10 at The District on Johnston Street, the event will feature Marc Broussard, Mike Dean, Richard Revue and others.  "Coming Together For Cory" will also feature an auction, door prizes and lots of food.  The family has also set up a fundraiser page on the You Caring website.

During his hospital stay and recovery Cory will be in Houston, TX. He will be away from his children, friends, family and home for about 6 months. He will be unable to work for approximately 6-8 months. These fundraisers will help with his medical expenses and day to day living expenses as well as living and traveling to and from Houston. But the main goal is to keep their children's daily routine as normal as possible.

Cory Guidry and his family (submitted phot)

The doctors at MD Anderson are very confident that this is the right decision and this stem cell transplant will cure his disease. Cory is young, healthy, fit, strong and courageous and is more than ready to fight this Battle to the Bone to increase his quality of life.

The family thanks you for your love, prayers and continued support!!!

Make plans to attend the "Coming Together For Cory" event on May 10, it's going to be fun!  If you would like to donate directly to the cause, go to the family's You Caring web page and make a donation.  Also, please share this story to your Facebook and Twitter by clicking the big Facebook and Twitter buttons above and below this story.
It's times like these, when people come together for a great cause, that make me proud to live in Acadiana.  Please, if you can, donate.  If you can't donate, help spread the word by sharing this link.