Denise Frederick, an educator at 7th Ward Elementary in Vermilion Parish, put a plea on Facebook for used tennis balls to be used in the classrooms.

Our school is in need of used or new tennis balls for the feet of our students' chairs. It helps the chairs to slide easily away from the desk and helps to steady the chairs as they move so they don't tip over as easily. They also keep down the noise of moving 20 plus chairs! THANKS! Denise

In the message, she mentions 20+ chairs, meaning that they need at least 80 tennis balls!  To help Mrs. Frederick, I have decided to collect any tennis balls you care to donate.

If you would like to help Mrs. Frederick's class, drop off your used tennis balls (new, if you are feeling generous) to me at 1749 Bertrand Drive in Lafayette.

If you find yourself in Abbeville with tennis balls to donate, you can drop them off at Frederick Brother's Barber Shop on Lafayette Street.

Thank you for your help!