The Prime Minister Of England had strong words for those who rioted in London and other cities across the United Kingdom. Fox Newsradio's Alastair Wanklyn joined "Mornings With Ken and Bernie" as British Prime Minister David Cameron addressed Parliament after several nights of rioting starting with the gunning down of a man in England.

Wanklyn says the six days off rioting was kicked off after police shot a man alleged to be involved in plenty of gang activity. Police have been working for days to try to end the rioting, looting and violence. Speaking to an emergency meeting of Parliament, Wanklyn says Cameron told members that police will be given new powers to demand suspected criminals to remove their facemasks. Cameron also warned that rioters face eviction from government housing. He called the riots "criminality pure and simple."

Wanklyn said that more than 13-hundred people have been arrested since the police shooting touched off the unrest in London six days ago. Wanklyn also spent time on the morning show talking about the latest with economics in Europe, and issues arising from low global markets.