Mosquitoes are a plague on the Earth. People in Louisiana joke they grow big enough here to carry small children away. One thing we DO know, they carry disease. Mosquitoes brought the West Nile virus to the Bayou State, and are known to carry other illnesses like Malaria. It's no wonder we go to great lengths to keep them away. We fog, burn citronella,and smudge fires. We spray & smear ourselves with  foul smelling concoctions to keep those nasty little bugs from sucking our blood. If you're a lady who doesn't want to smell like a chemical lab at your next outdoor function, here's some good news. reports, Victoria's Secret Bombshell perfume repels mosquitoes. Researchers at New Mexico State University tested a variety of products, and found the most effective were those containing Deet. Vitamin B patches proved virtually useless. They found VS Bombshell perfume quite effective. It's also a pretty costly way to ward off the nasty little buggers at $52.00 a bottle.