Annie Etheridge Chaplain of Episcopal School of Acadiana visited 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss an open letter to Governor Jindal concerning his income tax proposal.  Governor Bobby Jindal is proposing eliminating Louisiana's state income tax while raising the state sales tax.  When asked why the state's clergy were against the Governor's proposal Etheridge replied,

It seems to put an undue burden on the poor...Most of us in the religious life have been watching as the burdens on the poor have gotten greater and greater and this is just not an answer.

In the letter signed by Etheridge and 249 others it's noted that families earning minimum wage of less than $16,000 per year will pay 10.6% of their income in state and local taxes; the average Louisiana family will pay 10.1% while families earning over a million dollars will pay only 4.6%.  Etheridge said,

When you think how narrow that margin is already on those families in poverty it really seems unfair.

When asked if the Governor or anyone in his administration had responded to the letter Etheridge replied,

From what I've read in response the Governor has heard our voices but I don't know how committed he is to making a change.


Listen to the interview: