Congressman Charles Boustany photo by Ken Romero

Congressman Charles Boustany is co-sponsoring House Bill 1764, the Ammunition Management for More Obtainability Act of 2013, introduced by Congressman Frank Lucas of Oklahoma.

Boustany says the bill would limit the amount of ammunition that federal agencies can purchase or even possess over a 6-month period of time.  He says there is a market shortage that is just exacerbated by the Department of Homeland Security's continual purchase of millions of rounds of ammunition.  Producers can't meet the demand of the market now.

Boustany says,

"The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution clearly states law-abiding American citizens have a right to bear arms. This right is restricted when market shortages of ammunition impede these citizens’ ability to purchase these goods.  The Department of Homeland Security, under the direction of President Obama, has continued purchasing millions of rounds of ammunition, taking these off of the market while producers are unable to keep up with market demand. This massive buy-up of millions of rounds of ammunition deserves scrutiny by Congress and by the general public. Until Congress has the opportunity to conduct appropriate oversight into this matter the amount of ammunition the federal government may purchase should be capped. I am proud to have cosponsored this bill authored by my friend Frank Lucas, and I will continue to find every possible avenue to defend our Second Amendment rights.”