Louisiana could be the first state to allow digital driver’s licenses. The House Transportation Committee passed a bill today that would allow drivers to access their license through an app on their phone. Stacy White, Deputy Commissioner with the Office of Motor Vehicles, says this would allow people to access their information if they did not have their license with them.

“It’s not the same thing as taking a picture of you license. It actually is a reflection of what’s actually on our database at that moment in time. It’s just an option if they choose to utilize it,” White said.

Baton Rouge Representative Denise Marcelle says she supports this bill because more and more things are becoming available on smart devices.

“It’s following the lead of the insurance cards. Everybody’s going to digital. Also with your airport boarding passes, everything’s going to the phone,” Marcelle said.

According to state officials, motorists would pay up to $5 to download the app, which is the same as when they renew their license. White says this app will not replace having a license in every situation.

“You would have to have that physical license on your person, if the establishment you’re visiting still requires it, such as a casino or buying alcohol,” White said.

The measure now moves to the House floor.