There has been a lot of talk around Baton Rouge  about making movies. Some of that talk has been about changes in the state's film tax credit program. The other chinwag has been about actual movies that were filmed in and around the city. One of those movies, Pitch Perfect 2, hits theaters this weekend.

The move which was filmed in and around the campus of LSU follows the fictitious Barden Bellas of Barden University. Ashley Territo is the manager in charge of all film projects done in and on the LSU campus. She told the Louisiana Radio Network,

We are the home to the Barden Bellas, we are Barden University in the first movie and in the second

Hopes are high that the sequel to Pitch Perfect will be as wildly  popular as the original. Local folks might have a chance to see not only familiar sites in the movie, but familiar faces as well. The production crew sent out a casting call for extras to play crowds and other background parts.

Territo has high hopes this movie will do as well as the first, based on a screening that was set up for students at LSU. She said the reaction of the screening audience was very enthusiastic, so are many nationwide critics.

Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Hailee Stanfield star in the Elizabeth Banks directed production that follows the relationships, trials, heartbreaks, and successes of a university women's choral ensemble.  The movie will be show in Lafayette beginning today with showtimes beginning shortly after 11am at The Grand 16, The Grand 14 and the Celebrity Theaters Broussard.