Two lawmakers have filed legislation for this session aimed at changing the rules that limit video poker machines in truck stops.

Senator Troy Brown, a Napoleonville Democrat and and Representative Bryan Adams, a Gretna Republican, have introduced legislation to try to help truck stop casinos who are faced with construction, which can hurt their fuel sales.

Under current Louisiana law, licensed truck stops are allowed to have 25 video poker machines on a temporary basis while they are starting up their business, with their total count of video poker machines being determined by their future sales of fuel.  The formula is based on how much each truck stop sells every month.

If say, a truck stop sells 100,000 gallons of fuel, including 40,000 gallons of diesel, they would be allowed by state law to have up to 50 video poker machines.

Senator Brown says his Senate Bill 141 would allow some video poker businesses leeway when their business is affected by construction.  Representative Adams' says his House Bill 146 has the same intent as Brown's bill.