According to a pair of recent studies, Louisiana holds some of the top spots in the nation when it comes to bullying problems in schools. WalletHub says the state ranks 6th for the percentage high school students who are heckled on campus, and Louisiana leads in the amount of older kids who attempted suicide.

"In Louisiana bullying is a huge problem at second worst in the country," says WalletHub spokeswoman Jill Gonzales.
The website compiled similar statistics and found that Louisiana is the MOST bullied state in America. Gonzales says they also looked at bullying environments and the impact of that.
"Louisiana was tied for first for the percentage of students that did not go to school because they felt unsafe due to bullying," said Gonazles.
Gonzales says, in order to shrink these numbers, Louisiana could be a lot stronger on the books with more state anti-bullying laws and policies. She says Louisiana is not a state which has anti-cyberbullying laws requiring school rules.
"We also looked at states where a bullying law includes off campus behaviors," said Gonzales. "Cyber-bullying, which is so prevalent these days, is not covered."