Louisiana ranks second in the nation for accidental shootings involving minors, nearly three times more than the national average. That’s according to new data from the Associated Press and USA today. East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore says what we don’t know is how kids are getting their hands on these weapons.

“Often times we don’t get a lot of help from homeowners or the kids as to where the gun actually came from other than found it in a field, found it under steps, something like that,” Moore said.

Alaska was the only state to top Louisiana on the list. The report found Baton Rouge had more accidental shootings than any other city in the Deep South. Moore says often times parents know or suspect that their child has a gun, but they don’t do anything about it.

“Why would you let that child have a handgun at 16, 15-years-old, know that he is or that you suspect he is in his room? Go get it, take it away, do something. That’s the real frustrating part,” Moore said.

The district attorney says there is no state law on the books to make parents responsible for accidental shootings involving children. Moore says that’s why prosecutors can’t charge parents for criminal negligence in allowing these kids to get ahold of a gun.

“First, we don’t have the laws in place really to do that. Secondly, often times don’t have the evidence or the testimony, the statements, to do it if we actually had it,” Moore said.