The Louisiana GOP says they will not endorse either Boustany or Landry in their upcoming race for Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District.

State Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere says that party officials like both candidates. It's a race that has come about after the two men were forced into the same district when Louisiana lost a congressional seat.

But the race between the two Acadiana Republicans is not the only race that the Republican Party of Louisiana will not get involved in. Villere says any races that have two or more GOP contenders seeking the same office will not get an endorsement from the state party. Villere says the state GOP will only get involved if a runoff pits a Republican against a Democratic opponent on December 8th.

Meanwhile, this week is the deadline for candidates to file their paperwork if they want to run for office. In addition to the congressional race between Boustany and Landry, the other five U.S. House seats representing Louisiana will be up for grabs, as well as a hotly-contested position on the Louisiana Supreme Court.

Qualifying starts Wednesday and runs through Friday for the Nov. 6 election.