After an audit, the Justice Department says that people who filed gulf oil spill claims will be getting more than 64 million dollars for their claims in addition to money that was already given out.  Some 7,300 people and businesses who had filed claims will be entitled to more money now.

The department's independent audit of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility found errors in processing claims.  The audit showed that many people were wrongfully denied compensation and others were not given as much as they were entitled too.

Officials say the claimants were not given the correct amount of money when they made their claim to BP's 20 billion dollar compensation fund that was set up after the well explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in 2010.  Eleven people died, seventeen people were injured, and countless businesses were affected by the devastation to Louisiana's environment.

The audit's other findings revealed that some people who filed claimed received more money than they should have, but the Gulf Coast Claims Facility will not be trying to get the money back.