Starting next week, waters for the central portion of the coast of Louisiana will be open.  Shrimping will then commence for all other areas in Louisiana beginning on Monday, May 21st.  The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission announced their opening dates this week.

Shrimpers will be able to start their work in central Louisiana starting Monday, and that means they can shrimp in state waters between the eastern shore of South Pass of the Mississippi River to the Atchafalaya River ship channel.  Then in two weeks, the season will be opened up to every other areas in the state.

It takes a group of biologists to research and then sample the shrimp populations to get an idea on projections about the population of shrimp.  The usually wait until the numbers are such that half of the inshore brown shrimp reaches 100 count per pound or larger.

Last year, shrimpers were able to harvest close to 90 and a half million pounds of shrimp.