Graduation ceremonies were held last week for forty-six new Louisiana State Police Troopers from the 95th cadet class. This week, LSP Troop I was assigned six new troopers.

The new troopers assigned to Troop I are Trooper James Pittman, Trooper Nathaniel Batiste, Trooper Chase Shields, Trooper Georgianna Kibodeaux, Trooper William Beasley and Trooper Joel Dore'.

There are five different awards given out during each cadet class and three of those five awards were earned by the new troopers coming to Troop I.

Georgianna Kibodeaux, photo courtesy of LSP Troop I

Trooper Georgianna Kibodeaux earned the "Emergency Vehicle Operation Award".

The trooper who earns this award is the one who has the highest overall rating for emergency driving skills based on the following criteria:

  • Their time while driving courses
  • High speed driving
  • Urban grid driving
  • Day & night pursuits
  • Off-road recovery skills
  • High gravity operations

Kibodeaux is a native a Crowley, she holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Troy, and she has worked as a investigator with LSP.

Nathaniel Batiste, photo courtesy of LSP Troop I Facebook page

The "Doug Millet Award" winner for the 95th cadet class is new Troop I Trooper Nathaniel Batiste.

The criteria for winning this award is that the trooper must have the highest average of scores for physical fitness, academics, emergency vehicle operations and firearms.

Batiste is a native of Breaux Bridge, and he mostly recently worked for the Lafayette Police Department before going to the State Police Academy.

This new trooper has also served his country in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom as part of the Louisiana National Guard.

James Pittman, photo courtesy of LSP Troop I Facebook page

The final winner of an award is Trooper James Pittman.

Pittman won the "Physical Fitness Award" for getting a score of 96% from the Cooper Institute for exceeding in the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Dynamic strength
  • Absolute strength

This award is tabulated using the trooper's gender and age, and measuring how much physical work it takes to get the highest rating.

The Baton Rouge native most recently worked for the LSU Police Department.