Louisiana State Police

The Louisiana State Police announced the passing of Trooper Bobby Smith.

In the press release, issued today, the Louisiana State Police said that Trooper Smith's death was sudden.

You may recall Trooper Smith's name from an incident that made headlines in 1986 when Smith was shot in the face during a traffic stop.

The shooting left Trooper Smith blind, but that tragedy, nor several others in his life, could keep him from achieving great things.

As a result of the shooting, Trooper Smith was unable to perform his duties as a state trooper. Hardships led to a failed marriage. Trooper Smith also suffered the loss of both of his children. Miraculously, Trooper Smith was able to go on with his life, earning a PH.D., writing books, remarrying, and becoming a motivational speaker.

In 2008, Smith was able to put "Trooper" in front of his name once again as he was hired by the LSP as a staff advisor.

In 2008, Colonel Edmonson welcomed Bobby back into the LSP family where he become an invaluable staff advisor. In his new role with LSP, Bobby helped to establish the Trooper Assistance Program, and served as a peer counselor for his fellow Troopers. - Louisiana State Police

The LSP commander had these words about Smith:

“We lost an indelible soul this morning... Bobby Smith. As I stand in his living room and my eyes circle the room, it is evident how important his family and LSP were to him. I brought Bobby home yesterday from the funeral of WBR Deputy Donna Leblanc and her daughter. As we talked about the tragedy, his thoughts were of his wife Janie and his kids. Mostly of his daughter Kim whom he buried 19 years ago yesterday. He was incredibly proud to be a Louisiana State Trooper, a family he held close in his heart. We lost a part of all of us this morning, but Bobby Smith continues to guide all whom he touched. Heaven has welcomed home a hero.” - Colonel Mike Edmonson, Louisiana State Police Superintendent.

To learn more about Trooper Smith's legacy,  visit www.visionsofcourage.com.

(Louisiana State Police)