(KPEL) -- Students and faculty at Louisiana Tech mourning the death of the school's bulldog mascot.

Doctor Patrick Sexton with the Sexton Animal Health Center says an employee left Tech XX outside for too long, and he died of a heat stoke. Instead of admitting the mistake, though, the employee tried to cover it up.

In a statement to the media, Louisiana Tech says,

Louisiana Tech University was saddened to learn of Tech XX’s passing this past Sunday evening.  He will be remembered for being a fan favorite and a symbol of the spirit of Louisiana Tech.

Since becoming our official mascot in 2008, Tech XX received superior care and a loving home from Dr. Patrick Sexton and, despite the unfortunate circumstances of the past few days, we are grateful for all he and his family have done for our beloved mascot.

Tech XX was a cherished member of the Louisiana Tech Family and, together, we will all grieve his passing.”

Patrick says the employee is no longer working for the Sexton Animal Health Center.