What is the price of beauty? One Louisiana Legislator believes that price is too high when it comes to tanning beds and the use of them by Louisiana teens. Some studies have indicated a direct link between the use of tanning beds and melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer. Louisiana Representative Helena Moreno of New Orleans believes that connection is too dangerous for Louisiana teens.

Moreno says she was asked by a group of dermatologist to introduce legislation that would change Louisiana's tanning bed regulations.

"Studies have shown people who lay in tanning beds are 59% more likely to get melanoma which is the deadliest type of skin cancer,The risk is even greater when you start tanning in your younger years."

Moreno's comments were reported by The Louisiana Radio Network in a story from Wednesday.

The tanning beds in question are those that emit ultra violet light. These are the beds that have been shown to have the most direct link to health issues involving skin cancer. Currently, young women in their teens and 20's make up 70% of a tanning salons clientele. Moreno believes the current law regarding the use of tanning beds by those under 18 needs to be changed because she feels that parents are misinformed. Currently anyone aged 14-17 may use a tanning facility with parental permission.

Representative Moreno's bill is expected to be heard in committee later today.