Even though hot weather will soon be a memory West Nile Virus remains a growing threat from mosquito bites. July through September are the months with the most reported cases of West Nile nationwide and Dr. Tina Stephanski with the Louisiana Department of Health says the Bayou State leads the nation in infections.

So far this year we've had 61 cases of West Nile infections in Louisiana and we had the second highest number of neuro invasive cases nationwide. We've had 32 of those 61 cases that have been the severe form of West Nile virus.

Even though the number of West Nile cases has grown statewide Stephanski says locally we are faring better.

Thankfully in the Acadiana area we have not had any cases but that's not to say that we won't in the next couple of weeks. That's why we want people to take precautions to protect themselves.

Stephanski offered tips for protection from mosquitoes that included,

Get rid of standing water such as that found in the saucers under outdoor plants and overturned garbage can lids. Bird baths should be emptied every two days and fountains should be checked to make sure they are working properly.