Who makes the best King Cake? I would imagine that if you asked one thousand different Louisiana residents that question you'd probably get close to one thousand different answers.

We all have our favorite King Cake. We all have our favorite King Cake baker. We all like to defend our choice enthusiastically. So, is there truly an answer to the question       " Who makes the best King Cake"?  Probably not but we at least have a starting point to begin the discussion.

A new website called Kingcakesnob.com now offers King Cake lovers such as you and I the opportunity to let our voices be heard even while our mouths are full.

KingCakeSnob.com is a great way to put it to the test and settle the great debate once and for all. This puts the results in users hands and lets them review their favorite.

That's what Erica Sweeney a spokesperson for the website told the Louisiana Radio Network. 

The site allows users to offer reviews of King Cakes and even rate them. King Cake enthusiast are encouraged to rate the tasty treats in categories such as sweetness, freshness, flavor, style, and texture. You will also be asked to give an overall rating on a scale of 1-5 for the cake you're reviewing.

It will then develop a score for that king cake and you can compare with others in the area. There is a real time ticker on the website, so at any point you'll be able to see who has the freshest, or best looking king cake

There is also an opportunity for you to win a King Cake just by offering a review. All you have to do is drop by the site and offer you'r opinion.