A majority of Louisiana’s Congressional delegation supports President Donald Trump’s executive order placing travel bans on people from seven Middle Eastern countries. U.S. Senator John Kennedy supports the President’s order and says unlike former President Barack Obama, the Trump administration is enforcing America’s immigration laws.

“If you want to come to America, you have to be rigorously vetted to make sure you’re not a terrorist, regardless of your religion, regardless of your country of origin.”

Senior U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy also supports the order but believes it could be refined to allow doctors from other countries to travel to their patients. Kennedy says there has been a lot of overreaction to the travel ban order.

“Donald Trump is going to enforce America’s immigration laws. That’s going to make some people happy and some people upset. If you’re upset go change the law but in the meantime, it’s the law.”

Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond opposes the order and tweeted “The Christian Right is wrong for being silent on the issue. It’s the silence of good people that allows evil to persist.” But Republican U.S. Representative Ralph Abraham of Richland Parish is behind the travel ban 100-percent.

“Let’s protect the American citizens first. The Constitution guarantees that if we are citizens, we do provide to the common defense and we are ensured domestic tranquility and I’m for all of that stuff.”

Abraham says some people in disagreement are trying to portray the order as a Muslim ban, but that’s not the case at all. He says the President is just trying to protect our borders.

“It’s a problem that has to be addressed. Good for Trump for stepping up to the plate and addressing it in the first week in a half of his administration.”