Louisiana's Treasurer John Kennedy wants to remind Louisiana citizens that our state's unclaimed property program is free, and that citizens should beware an email scam trying to get your money for a free service.

Secretary Kennedy says that this scam pops up every few years, and he wants to make sure people don't spend money to get their own money back.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators reports that taxpayers across the country are getting email that appear to come from a regional auditor of their association.

The email says the recipient has inherited money, and they want your personal information before the will give you any information about your money.

Kennedy says NAUPA does not contact individuals directly.

Kennedy says anyone contacting you saying they can get you the information you need to claim your money for a fee, should be ignored.  You can get the information free at the State's Treasury Department website.

You can also call toll free at 888-925-4127.