Whether is was special edition trucks, fishing gear, hunting gear or exhibits featuring local experts geared toward hunters, fisherman or anyone who loves the outdoors, the Louisiana Outdoor Expo offered something for everyone.

Townsquare Lafayette General Sales Manager Frank Malambri says they sold out of available vendor space this year, and he adds that the vendors were very happy with the amount of sales they were able to make during the expo.

The expo offered a variety of items to be purchased to enjoy the outdoors in Louisiana, and Malambri says that 75 percent of this years vendors came more than 50 miles to participate in this year's expo.  He sales that translated into multiple hotel/motel bookings, restaurant sales and other purchases. He says he knows that the Louisiana Outdoor Expo always has a positive impact on our local economy.

Malambri says there were many success stories to come out of the expo, and he gives one example of a boat dealer who was able to sell 10 boats over the course of the three day expo.

He says this quality event for Louisiana is become even more popular, and he says multiple vendors have already signed up to participate in next year's event.

Malambri says while he know people love the expo, their team is always looking to make it even bigger and better, so he says you can expect even more additions next year.