The state is not doing so well in letting us know what is happening in government.  A recent report on government transparency shows that Louisiana is getting a C+ in that category and ranking it 33 out of 50 states.

When you think about it, this could end up being something that a candidate for statewide office could run on, but only if they mean it.  If people in government are not willing to tell you something, sometimes it just means that it slipped through the cracks.  But, sometimes you know that people are trying to hide something.  Openness in government is worth looking at.

While the race for Governor will not heat up for a while, with polls showing that David Vitter is currently in the lead among potential candidates.  Will that be one of the issues in the race?  Probably not, but it definitely should be.  What it takes is bravery, something in short supply these days.  Think about that, if a candidate decided to run on being completely transparent.  I think people would flock to that person because they are willing to lay everything bare, good, bad and ugly.

I know, I'm dreaming.  I am an over optimistic sort.  But, imagine if we demanded it from our leaders.  I think it is a worthwhile endeavor.