At least one parent with a child in the Lafayette Parish Public School System is concerned about the music the district's children are exposed to when they travel to and from class on public school buses.

That parent, whose name we are withholding for now, said a song by Nicki Minaj, "Anaconda," was playing on the bus on her child's way to school. That song expresses sexually suggestive lyrics that the parent says are inappropriate for school children.

"I expressed my concerns to the director of transportation [Damon Evans], and nothing changed," she said.

We reached out to Evans, who said there is no set district policy on what music is allowed to be played on school buses. He did say, though, that there is an "unwritten rule that our drivers stay away from certain genres of music."

"Unfortunately in today's society, there are many forms of music that could be considered as inappropriate by some," Evans said in an email conversation Wednesday afternoon.

Ramona Bernard, director of risk management for the school system, confirmed no policy exists governing music on school buses.

"Any commercial or public radio station (except those which are subscription like satellite radio) conforms [to] the standards required by the FCC," Bernard said in an email conversation. "Many public places play music such as one would hear on commercial radio. I don't see how a parent can perfectly shield a youngster from suggestive songs. They are contained in every genre of music."