After deciding to rezone schools in the Youngsville area for the next school year, the Lafayette Parish School System has released a plan to help smooth the transition for some of the rezoned students.

As part of the district's Spot Rezoning Plan, some students are being rezoned from Green T. Lindon Elementary to Katherine Drexel Elementary and Youngsville Middle to Broussard Middle.

In a letter addressing parents, Donald Aguillard, Ph.D., offers a District Administrative Rule allowing rising fourth and eighth graders to remain at their respective schools in Youngsville. Also being offered is a Hardship Rule that will allow parents to elect to keep siblings, who attend the Youngsville Schools, together for the 2015-16 school year.

In addition, the letter alludes to hardship waivers that will be considered for special situations where parents can make an appeal to the school district.

Parents concerned with the spot rezoning plan, can access an approved zone remodification map, download the hardship form or become more familiar with the Spot Rezoning Plan can visit