With reports of the Sabine River flooding, Louisiana State Police advise motorists to avoid Interstate 10 near the Texas-Louisiana border.

Master Trooper Brooks David spoke with Rob and Bernie at KPEL urging motorists to avoid Interstate 10 past Lake Charles, as the thoroughfare will be closed in both directions at sometime this morning.

Taking an alternate route in either direction may be possible, but David said be wary of taking those routes, as well. Some of the other east-west highways crossing the state line may be closed.

David recommends dialing 511, or visiting the Louisiana State Police Facebook page, to determine what roads may be closed due to flooding.

DO NOT CALL 911 OR THE LOUISIANA STATE POLICE TO CHECK ROAD AVAILIBILITY as these lines are reserved for emergency calls. An excess of calls to these lines may hinder aid to those needing emergency assistance.

David also told motorists to AVOID ANY ROAD COVERED WITH WATER. It is very difficult to determine how deep the water may be or in what condition the road may be in under the water. Avoiding water hazards on roadways may save your life.