UL baseball fans in Section A at the Tigue proved that Cajuns and Tigers CAN get along after they got a couple of guys in LSU garb to swap their purple & gold for Ragin' Cajun red.

A video posted by Josh Richard shows two Louisiana Lafayette fans holding up a couple of brand new Ragin' Cajuns t-shirts while the crowd at the Tigue roared on during the Super Regional this past Saturday against Ole Miss.

The duo then made their way up the stadium stairs and hand delivered the UL gear to two gentleman in the stands who were sporting LSU shirts.

The crowd erupted with a UL chant when both men removed their purple and gold Tigers shirts and put on the new Ragin' Cajuns gear. High fives were exchanged and all was well.

Personally, I've always believed that wearing the opposing team's gear makes sense if you are a fan rooting for the away team, but as a Saints season ticket holder I've always wondered why people show up to the Dome with jerseys that represent teams that aren't even playing that day.

This isn't the first time the 2006 University of Louisiana graduate and his "Section A" crew—a group of die-hard Cajuns fans with a reputation for protecting the house—have "gifted" LSU fans with Ragin' Cajun gear (see video below), and it probably won't be the last.

It's become somewhat of a tradition amongst the season ticket holders in Section A at the Tigue, and as to why he and others like Jordan Konow (the guy who usually buys the UL apparel) do it, Richard explains,

It sends a message that's twofold. One, don't come to my Park wearing anything other than Ragin Cajun red. Second we want you to have a good time, and if we can help you get into being a Cajun fan, then that's what we'll do.

Its no secret that there is an interstate rivalry between UL and LSU, and Richard says that some people who show up at the Tigue with their purple and gold actually do it solely to get a rise out of the UL fans in order to perpetuate the stereotype that Cajuns fans are envious of them.

Instead of falling for the bait, Section A chooses to kill them with kindness in the form of UL merch. Richard says the reactions are always positive, and everyone ends up having an even better time once they are decked out in Ragin' Cajun red.

Kudos to Section A at the Tigue. Unifying Louisiana, one t-shirt at a time.