Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton will accept her party's nomination at the Democratic National Convention tonight in Philadelphia. LSU Political Science Professor Bob Mann says the tone Clinton sets in her speech will be important, because not many people trust her.

“It’s about telling her story. It’s about presenting herself in a way that perhaps she hasn’t before, being vulnerable, for example, in a way that she hasn’t before. Opening herself up a little bit.”
Mann says to the public, Clinton is often seen as emotionally closed down. But he says there is another personal, caring side to her that people usually don’t see.

“She’s got to be able to show that herself and not just have people like her husband and all these other people that she’s interacted with testify on her behalf, they’ve got to see it from her.”

Mann says it would be wise for Clinton to own up to her mistakes during her speech. He says the former First Lady needs to reiterate that America is a great country already, unlike Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

“To suggest that the United States isn’t a great country almost comes across as unpatriotic to a lot of people. She seems to take advantage of the fact the Republican Convention was really about disparaging the United States.”