LSU is currently researching how to make cars talk to each other.

The technology is similar to Wi-Fi and will allow vehicles to collect and exchange traffic information. Engineering Professor Sherif Ishak says this will improve road safety.

By doing that, you're improving safety of the entire network.

"When you have traffic information that's up to date, you're able to avoid locations where there is heavy congestion," Ishak said. "And by doing that, you're improving safety of the entire network."

Ishak says this technology will also have the ability to reduce delays and cut down on car pollution. He says cars will be able to warn drivers down the road of accidents, traffic jams, and other road hazards. Ishak says it's a simple system.

"If you have enough market penetration of those vehicles, at some point of time in the future, then you will have good coverage of the network," Ishak said. "And then information will be hopping from one vehicle to the other."

He says information will be passed from one vehicle to another along the network. The more vehicles on the road with this technology the farther the information will travel. Ishak says studies of the system are currently underway.

"It's still in the development stage," Ishak explained. "The implementation is probably just a few years in the future, because they have to make sure everything works before it is actually in the market."