Did Lafayette use faulty logic when it charged the city of Broussard 850-thousand dollars in unpaid water? LUS Director Terry Huval doesn't think so. KPEL's Nathan Pike has the story.

It's almost like watching two brothers argue with each other. On one side is Broussard Mayor Charles Langlinais who says LUS used bad logic and math when it came up with the 850-thousand dollar water bill. On the other is LUS Director Terry Huval. His thoughts?

"Mayor Langlinais is incorrect," he says.

Huval says Lafayette got a month's worth of readings when they switched the water flow from the bypass line back to the line which passes through a Lafayette meter. He says they then used those readings and compared them to the two other lines Broussard uses to get water from Lafayette, adjusting for seasonal and price changes.

"We know there are certain times of the year where water usage is greater," Huval says. "And we calibrated those changes to this particular meter location."

Nathan Pike, Newstalk 96.5 KPEL.