Could it be that finally, poetic justice will be served to Jay Leno, now best-known as a man better at breaking promises than most politicians?

That's the plan for May of this year, or at least, the rumored plan. While NBC denies the rumor completely, two high-level industry sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that NBC is moving toward a May announcement that the 2013-14 television season will be Leno's last as host of The Tonight Show. Sources say the network will move Jimmy Fallon from his Late Night spot into the coveted 11:35 time slot with a "soft" launch during the summer of 2014 before a formal fall kickoff.

The Hollywood Reporters sources say the move could be coming as a result of ABC's decision to move Jimmy Kimmel's show into direct competition with Leno. While Leno is continuing to triumph in the ratings, Kimmel attracts a younger audience that sources believe NBC is concerned about losing to Kimmel.

The other factor is that Letterman may retire next year, paving the way for CBS to approach Fallon and other younger personalities to take over The Late Show. To read more on this story, click here. Would you like to see Leno given the heave-ho? Let us know on Facebook!